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    Contact about abbc The Australia Bangladesh Business Council ABBC is a membership-based non-profit organisation representing the best interest of its member businesses and promoting trade and investment between Bangladesh and Australia. The organisation conducts regular activities for the business community to further the interests of its members in securing and operating within various opportunities between Australia and Bangladesh.

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    Upcoming events No upcoming events become a member Whether swiss com sistema binario are a corporate, an established business or a start-up, we have a category of membership for you.

    The access you achieve through ABBC membership will give you the competitive edge you need. JOIN NOW The objectives The organisation runs to fulfil swiss com sistema binario objectives set under its constitution to promote bilateral business, trade and investment between the business communities in Australia and Bangladesh, lend practical assistance to swiss com sistema binario members, assess and represent its members and their views before the swiss com sistema binario in both Dhaka and Canberra.

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    ABBC actively cooperates with other bodies with the purpose of furthering its members' interest nationally and internationally. At ABBC, we organise regular events across various industries relating to both Bangladesh and Australia where trade opportunities of various scale and nature are discussed among key stakeholders often including policy makers, government officials and businesses of different scales involved within such industry.

    swiss com sistema binario